Workplace Gratitude

It’s reasonable to assume money is a highly effective motivator. However, a recent article in HR News explains why money may not be the best incentive. So, what does motivate people at work? The answer is less tangible than money that can be expressed through appreciation plaques.

The answer is in the small decisions you make each day. Leadership sets the tone for the whole company and showing gratitude for what you appreciate is a great motivator. Of course, it becomes trite if you tack ‘thank you’ onto the end of every day. Developing a positive culture takes time.

Positive Reinforcement

When gossip, negativity, and limited mindsets take over, expressing gratitude is a positive way to address these issues. Most people want to do well at work. They want clear expectations and achievable goals.

Letting employees know you see their efforts and appreciate their work will prevent fear and insecurity from taking over. Do you appreciate an employee who shows up on time every day? Have you ever thanked them for that? Showing up on time is a basic workplace expectation an even these small achievements show dedication that deserves recognition. A simple ‘thank you’ lets a person know you see their effort and appreciate their dependability.

The Downside of Money as a Motivator

Research shows gratitude motivates even better than money. In fact, monetary incentives may have a negative impact on work performance. Why is that?

The London School of Economics and Political Science determined the internal motivation and external incentives are at play in these results. When people are paid a fair wage, more money as a reward or for motivation is ineffective – it doesn’t address internal motivations for work.

Appreciation Plaques: Better Than Cash

HR News identify the 3 most important factors involved in internal motivation: purpose, autonomy, and skill. Appreciation plaques can connect with all 3 of these motivators through:

  • acknowledging an employee’s individual contribution to a greater goal (purpose)
  • recognizing their unique presence (autonomy)
  • honoring specific skills

Expressing gratitude on a regular basis builds a solid foundation for your company. Regular employee appreciation – whether its an annual award ceremony or work celebration – is an important way of formally recognizing their contribution.

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