Yes, and we encourage you to. The award will be more meaningful and personal if your logo is included. Take the time required to acquire good art for us to work with. We can include your logo in full color or engrave it. Costs involved are $50 (P) per color to set up plus any applicable art charges. 

Click here to see our Art Requirements.

We accept high resolution formats of .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .pdf, and .cdr - Some electronic files will require additional art charges to make them useable. Graphics embedded in documents such as ppt, .doc, .xls or .wpd will incur additional charges. 

Click here to see our Art Requirements.

Solid walnut is solid wood.  Simulated walnut is pressed particle board with a veneer coating.  Solid walnut provides a much higher quality award.  Simulated walnut provides an economical alternative, however it will not hold up nicely through time.

There are many factors we can adjust to make just about any message on any product. The message is the most important part of your purchase, so take the time to create your message. You write the perfect message for your award and we will take care of making it fit on your selection.

There are lots of colors available however there are two color combinations that are the most popular. Black background with Gold letters or Gold background with Black letters are the two most popular selections. The Black & Gold combination is the easiest to read, most contrasting and provides a classic look which can match any decor. The gold/black combination provides a traditional look, however readability is greatly reduced. Other selections, which provide Gold lettering are: Red, Green, Purple, Burgundy/Maroon, Brown, Blue and White. You may also select Silver lettering on Black, Red, Blue, Green or Burgundy/Maroon.

We strongly suggest you allow us to select your fonts. We are trained to make your message look its best by utilizing different fonts. If you would like to select your own fonts, then you will need to layout your text in the appropriate font and e-mail or fax it in for us to match.

Click here to see a list of our most popular fonts and sample engraving.

We offer many services including Laser and Diamond Drag Engraving, Vinyl Prints, Full Color Sublimation and more. 

Click here to read about the individual services we provide.

Most products include some engraving. All plaques include 100 letters. Additional engraving is $0.24 (P) per letter. Plastic or acrylic engraving is $0.40 (P) per letter. Hand engraving is $0.50 (P) per letter.

If actual start or end dates are not appropriate, we suggest including the presentation date. Even just the year is better than no date at all. In years to come the recipient will appreciate being able to look back and know when they were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

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In an effort to be more watchful and environmentally conscious we prefer to offer web links to all of our catalogs. Please feel free to send a request e-mail to Sales@allogram.com  with Catalog Request in the Subject line, and our team will be happy to assist you. If you are still interested in printed catalogs please send us an e-mail request as well to let us know your catalog preference, name and address you would like them delivered to.

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