Consistency is key to keeping corporate gifts as a fun form of recognition rather than a burden to the recipient. Decide what events and accomplishments will be celebrated with gifts and determine your budget. To avoid discomfort or misunderstanding, gifts should always be workplace appropriate.

Timing is also important when giving corporate gifts. If you’re giving out holiday gifts, deliver them at the same time so no one wonders why they’re being left out.

A personalized decanter is a functional and fun gift for any occasion. They can be etched with a logo, monogram, or some other image to create a unique gift of lasting value.

Depending on your budget and the size of your company, you may want to give gifts on any of the following occasions:

  1. Work Anniversary Gift Bundle

Our blueglass decanter with a bottle of bourbon is an excellent celebratory gift. Pair this with a desk accessory such as our silver star paperweight for a well-rounded work anniversary gift.

For an alcohol-free gift bundle, pair our decanter with maple syrup, a gourmet pancake mix, and coffee beans for decadent breakfast basket.

  1. Celebrating a Promotion

A bottle of wine is a traditional drink of celebration. Engrave our wine decanter with a date and logo then put it in a basket with a bottle of wine, smoked sausages, cheese, and chocolate for an epicurean gift basket.

The wine decanter can double as a fancy juice pitcher if your employee does not drink. In this case, swap the wine for a gourmet juice.

  1. New Employee Gift Bundle

A gift bundle can be an important part of onboarding a new employee when you choose your gifts well. It gives your new hire a sense of belonging. An engraved pen and a name placard for the desk give a warm welcome to a new hire.

  1. Retirement

Retirement is a time to move away from desk ornaments and give something that can be used in life outside of the office. Make sure you know the retirees preferences before putting their gift together. A personalized decanter with wine, whiskey, or syrup to fill it is a great start to a retirement gift. You can build a theme around the decanter depending on their preferences.

Accompanied with a plaque that commemorates their contribution to the company, this combination will provide a well rounded retirement gift.

Looking for a personalized gift? Our inventory ranges from personalized decanters to key rings. Get in touch to ask questions or make an order.