Book Clock Gift

In our first post in this series, we talked about the ideal employee gift being both timeless and personalized. What gift is more classic and timeless than an engraved book clock? Even in today’s world of smart phones, the book clock remains a desirable item in the family home or office.

Celebrate the Passage of Time: Work Anniversaries and Retirement

A clock is particularly suited to celebrating an employee’s retirement or significant work anniversary. What better way to recognize the passage of time than by a device that tells time?

With room to engrave a logo, “15 years of service,” and a personalized message to your employee, the book clock stands as a quietly ticking reminder of work accomplished throughout the years.

A Clock to Match your Employee

Do you want to communicate formality? Try a hand-rubbed rich mahogany book clock with engraved black brass plate. Want to communicate solidity and American values? Try an American walnut book clock with black engraving plates framed in a gold rim.

The clock face, too, can be selected to communicate your style: from a simple inlaid brass clock face with only lines and roman numerals, to a two-toned clock face with intricate flourishes throughout, you can find a style that matches your company and occasion.

The Book Clock: Ample Space to Convey Your Message

Do you have a specific accomplishment for which to congratulate your employee? Why not a book clock? The book clock has an entire side devoted to getting your message across. If you want to add significant detail to your message, or include multiple logos, the black brass plate of a book clock is the place to do it. This is also the perfect place to use an inspirational quote.

Have questions about what to engrave on your book clock? Our team would be happy to help. Drop us a line here.

If a book clock is not quite the right gift for your employee, check out other ideas in Part 1 and Part II of this series.