Solid Walnut Cherry Plaque with Full Plate of Sublimation

SKU: 10307WA

Size: 4x6
Sale price$33.95

Solid Walnut Cherry Plaque with Full Plate of Sublimation

These walnut plaques are perfect for any type of recognition for achievements. It is perfect to hang up in the office or at home. The plate color comes in white, gold and silver. It is offered in 8 different sizes ranging from 4"x6" to 12"x15" and can be set up vertical or horizontal. Gift this to someone to show them that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

    Also great for:

    • Military Service Awards
    • Corporate Gifts
    • Keynote Speaker Gifts
    • Life-time Service Awards
    • Donor Recognition
    • Event Sponsors
    • Team Recognition Award

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