If you knew a tool that could lower voluntary turnover by 31%, would you use it? Of course! Good news for you: a 2012 study showed that companies with well-developed employee recognition management programs have significantly lower turnover than those with ineffective recognition programs.

What constitutes an effective employee recognition program? These 3 attributes go a long way in creating an effective recognition program.

Specific and Frequent

One reason Employee recognition takes time and focus. It requires the leadership to know the people working for them. It’s too common for people to focus on what people do poorly while forgetting to be grateful for what they’re doing well.

What do you appreciate about the people working for you? Are they timely? Prepared for meetings? Good communicators? Dependable?

When you’re talking with employees, let them know specifically what you appreciate on a regular basis. This feedback lets them know their efforts are not ignored.

Peer-to-Peer Appreciation

A company’s leadership can go a long way in establishing what daily behavior is acceptable. Through leading by example, managers can encourage employees to be positive and show gratitude.

One thing that hinders peer-to-peer recognition is employees don’t know how to provide recognition. Leadership can encourage peer-to-peer appreciation by providing channels for employees to recognize each other.

Tie Recognition to Company Values

Does your company have a formal mission statement? How does your employee’s daily work contribute to the overall mission? Being able to speak to this when recognizing employees gives them a greater sense of purpose in the company.

Tying your recognition program to company values provides consistency as well. It prevents the mission statement from being mere jargon and shows you really mean what you say.

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