We talk a lot about building a culture of respect in the workplace. That’s because we know employee recognition is meaningful when it’s part of a company-wide culture that values employees.

Conducting an annual employee review is an important part of building a positive culture. It gives supervisors an opportunity to highlight what employees are doing well. It can also be a safe place to encourage employees to work on their areas of weakness.

Before you start handing out trophies and plaques at your next company party, take time to schedule employee reviews keeping these 4 tips in mind.

Start with an Agenda and Include Your Employee in the Planning. Here’s How:

Have a questionnaire for your employee to complete before the meeting. Include questions that give them an opportunity to evaluate their own performance. It can also provide a time to ask for their concerns or needs.

Avoid Surprises

Employees need feedback on a regular basis. If they’re not meeting an expectation, they need to know the expectation right away. No one wants to come to a review and learn they’ve been doing something wrong for the past 9 months when they easily could have been told a long time ago.

The same goes for positive feedback. Employees shouldn’t have to wait for their yearly review to receive any kind of positive feedback.

Get Clear on Expectations and Barriers

Ideally, employees receive a clear job description when they’re hired. Too often, that is not the case. An employee review is a good time to make sure your employee knows what is expected of them and what they’re not responsible for.

This is also a good time to find out if they have any barriers to their work performance. If you have an employee who is underperforming, talk about what might be hindering them.

Set Meaningful Goals

Helping people grow in their work is an important way of motivating them to stay. Are there classes, certifications, or professional organizations that can help them grow? When jobs feel stagnant, motivated employees start looking around for new opportunities. Keep these motivated employees by continually helping them grow in there work at your company.

Conducting employee reviews will make your recognition ceremonies more meaningful. You will know your employees better and the trophies and plaques you hand out will reflect that.

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