Employee Recognition

High employee turnover is a persistent problem for many companies. A study released last year suggests that the average employee stays in their job for 4.6 years. If you want to keep your employees happy in their jobs, awards and trophies play an important role and there are also other steps you can take.

Be flexible whenever possible

Companies with significant employee turnover should evaluate their workplace flexibility. Work with the Human Resources department to see how you can accommodate employee needs. Even with a tight company budget, you might still provide flexible hours or telecommuting opportunities. Research suggests that productivity times vary widely for individuals, so having iron-clad hours may discourage and stifle employees.

Making changes and staying flexible will show employees that you care about their personal needs and recognize what they contribute to the workplace.

Communicate everything clearly

Good communication is a vital trait for great leadership. When employees don’t fully understand what is expected of them, or what is happening in their company, they become frustrated. This contributes to high turnover, reduced productivity, and low morale. Make sure employees know what is expected of them, and know as soon as possible about company changes. Managers should not only provide periodic evaluations, but give employees a chance to ask questions or provide feedback.

During the hiring process, make sure that new or prospective employees know what career path they can take within the company. Employees often leave their jobs if they feel that they are stagnating. Let them know from the beginning how they can advance within their current position. Keeping up communication with employees will help them feel valued within the company, making them more likely to stay.

Give credit where it’s due

Nobody likes to feel unappreciated, especially employees. Praise and recognition for a job well done can encourage teamwork and loyalty.

If you’re having trouble thinking of creative ways to reward employees, awards and trophies are an excellent way to give them a tangible reminder of the great work they’ve done. You can incorporate awards as part of a regular recognition program, such as Employee of the Month. You can also give out awards for unique events, such as wrapping up a major project or solving a specific problem. You can even keep branded trinkets on hand for more spontaneous displays of gratitude.

If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to reward your employees, Allogram has you covered. Contact us about our catalog, customization options, or any other questions you may have.