Corporate Award Respect

Respect is an important factor in employee satisfaction, but it is often lacking in the workplace. This may be due to changes in leadership, poor communication, or other factors. Employees who do not feel respected may reduce productivity and overall morale. Fortunately, company management can show respect to employees in several ways.

Give them space

From their first day on their job, and even before then, managers should fully inform employees about what is expected of them and what goals they should meet. Employees also should receive all the tools and knowledge necessary for their success. Once that is done, however, it’s time for managers to step back.

Employees need to know you trust them to do their jobs. Limit any temptations to micromanage them. Provide expectations and feedback, but let them accomplish their goals with minimal interference. Give them room, even to make mistakes and fix them. This will show your employees that you respect their abilities.

Show an interest in their personal lives

Employees want to be trusted to do their jobs, but they also want to be seen as more than just a cog in the company machine. It can be difficult to walk the line between being aloof and being nosy, but balance is possible. Make friendly chit-chat, ask about their families and hobbies, and try to find common ground.

Don’t try to keep personal lives out of the office completely. Let significant others attend company events–even kids, if feasible. Try to be flexible with sick leave, bereavement time, and maternity or paternity leave. Offer to buy lunch on employee birthdays. At a time when work-life balance has become a high priority for employees, such gestures are almost a given.

Incorporate awards into company culture

Corporate awards can have numerous benefits. When you thank employees for a job well done, they feel respected and valued. Using awards and trophies in your company also can inspire your employees and give them something tangible to work toward. This can boost teamwork, productivity, and company pride.

Companies of all sizes and industries can incorporate awards that suit their culture and needs. You might use awards as part of a large, annual event. You can set up “Employee of the Month” programs using plaques, acrylic or gifts. You might even keep small gift items on hand for off-the-cuff gestures.

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