Workplace Improvement

So much of how we experience life comes down to perspective. Are your employees always making mistakes or are they always learning more about the business? Are your clients really obnoxious or is it your team’s job to communicate well? How you describe the daily grind will shape how everyone sees it. That’s why we’re always encouraging trophies and awards as a way of building up your employees.

Businesses don’t run on happiness but there is a connection between attitude and outcome. Oprah Winfrey understands this and she can explain it better than anyone. She says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah is not speaking as a neuroscientist – it’s wisdom. But it turns out neuroscience backs her up.

Gratitude Changes Your Brain

A 2016 study published by NeuroImage suggests gratitude is a self-perpetuating experience. The more you express gratitude, the more thankful you’ll feel. It will change your perspective on life. You’ll see more opportunities to be grateful and you may find yourself feeling differently about your life.

A Question All Business Leaders Need to Ask

What direction is the company culture headed? What are the daily practices and building towards? Your company is built on the small decisions you and your team make each day. The decision to complain about the day or focus on the positive, to focus on the small losses or the learning opportunities.

The idea of top-down management is going out of vogue as more value is placed on equality and interdependence. However, creating a positive work culture can be a top-down project. When a company’s leadership sets a positive tone, it puts employees at their ease so they can do their best work.

Expressing Gratitude

Trophies and awards are one important way of expressing gratitude to employees. They’re special because it takes time to customize and order an award. Daily interactions and words of encouragement are important. Awards ceremonies provide a venue for celebrating success and providing formal recognition.

When you start looking for opportunities to celebrate, you may be surprised by how much you find.

Thinking about trophies and awards for your next employee event? Get in touch and we’ll help you prepare trophies and awards for your next celebration.