Expect to lose 54% of your employees in the next year. Wow – 54%!

Do you really know if your employees are going to stick with you through the next year?

Business today is competitive; I would hate to see your organization operate like a broken vacuum cleaner – sucking up employees and then spitting them out – rather than a streamlined force for profitability.

Current survey’s show that 54% of employees are planning to leave their jobs in the next year. Are you ready to spend 150% of the salary your current employee receives to find a new employee that may or may not work out?

On average it takes a new employee 6-9 months to become productive, are you ready to take a loss in productivity and innovation?

There is a simple solution that will cost your organization pennies compared to the investment of hiring and training new employees – it is called Employee Engagement! Engaged employees will not leave your organization as the economy starts to strengthen. Instead they will provide higher levels of customer service and will help your business make more money.

If you are interested in learning more, we have great case studies that demonstrate how other organizations have stopped the vicious cycle of the “Broken Vacuum Cleaner Effect” by boosting employee engagement levels. Feel free to contact me at 410.252.7300