Award Ceremony

Never underestimate the power of an awards ceremony. Employees will look forward to these acts of recognition and appreciation all year long if done well. You’ve likely attended award ceremonies that have been a blast and maybe some that were a total bore. In addition to our inventory of crystal diamond awards, we have a few tips to help make your awards ceremony sparkle!

Keep It Specific

A catch-all awards ceremony can wind up feeling like much ado about nothing. You want people to have a reason to participate, from nominating fellow employees to attending the ceremony. One of the easiest ways to determine a theme for your ceremony is to survey your staff. You can either take in suggestions from the whole organization or set up a meeting with an employee council made up of representatives from each department. This way you can ensure that your employees are involved in the process and the theme meets their interests. Remember: you can always change up the themes from year to year or expand the most popular ones.

Choose Eye Catching Awards

Photos from this event will likely be included on your organization’s website, in your email newsletter, and on your social media accounts. Don’t be surprised if employees share photos and videos from the event on their personal accounts as well. You’ll definitely want to choose awards that show well! Crystal glass pieces are an all-time favorite for their sparkle and shine. To make a real splash, consider awards that beg for a second look, like the Optical Crystal Diamond Billboard Award.

Know Your Venue

Your venue will set the tone and ambiance for your event. Depending on the size of your organization and the formality of the event, you may be able to host it on-site and save on rental costs. However, if you decide to go off-site, make sure the venue has enough space for people to mix and mingle and make their way comfortably to the stage. You may want to have a trial run to be sure that the real deal goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget you’ll need a setup area to store the awards before the ceremony.

Planning for your next awards ceremony? Let us help! Get in touch and we can answer whatever questions you may have.